The Medical & Woundcare Company brings products which are innovative, give you other cleave thinking or just deserve a chance.

The first product is the Exsudex, a wound drainage system based on an immemorial wisdom about wound drainage and is based on a pump which continually generates negative pressure. The pump is easy to use and clean. Besides there are several alarms build in, including a receiving bag full alarm and a pressure alarm. The pump works on mains voltage but can also work with the build in power supply.


Exsudex npwt


The Exsudex® wound drainage system is a compact, portable device intended for patients who benefit from a wound treatment with negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT).
The device stimulates the recovery of the wound by draining the exudate.
Recently the Exsudex has undergone a face lift and is a “state of the art” product with touchscreen control and complies with the current legislation.


The exsudex Pad offers an ideal solution for an easy and safe active drainage therapy.

Dressing Kits

The Medical & Woundcare Company offers a wide range of dressing kits, both bandage gauze and foam and silver foam.


The NuvoSkin CADS system is a protection system for the abdominal contents in the application of the open abdomen technique